Welcome to Oaklands Estate Kindergarten

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We are a standalone Department of Education and Children Development (DECD) kindergarten located in the Southern Adelaide suburb of Marion. The kindergarten is located in a residential area known as Oaklands Estate. It is surrounded by houses, with many of our families living within easy walking distance of the kindergarten and in Pethick Terrace. Marion train station is located within walking distance of the kindergarten, as is the Oaklands Wetland.

The Kaurna people are the traditional owners of the land on which the kindergarten resides. In 1943 a large parcel of land was purchased from the Crown and became known as “Oaklands”. Over time and a number of different uses, the land was divided up and sold to a number of parties. There is a long history of community involvement at Oaklands Estate Kindergarten beginning with the Oaklands Estate Residents Association who, with much lobbying were fortunate in acquiring the land for the kindergarten and began raising funds for the building. In 1964 the kindergarten was incorporated. The history of strong community involvement continues today with the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure assisting the kindergarten with outdoor redevelopments in 2013 and 2014 and strong family involvement continues with all families participating in kindergarten and fundraising events throughout the year.

The centre has a maximum capacity of 33 children per session. Currently children attend two full days Monday to Thursday (8:45am – 3:30pm) and a number of additional Friday sessions, for the equivalent of 15 hours per week. A parent run playgroup operates on Friday mornings 9:00am to 11:00am during the school term, with the exception of the last week of each term. Oaklands Estate Kindergarten is a multiculturally diverse community representing a number of different cultures each year in its enrolments, including Indigenous, African, The Americas, Asian, European and Middle Eastern.

Oaklands Estate Kindergarten is part of the Holdfast Partnership group of 8 kindergartens, 5 primary schools and 1 secondary school. While we are part of the Holdfast Partnership our children transition to a number of other schools within our local area and at times outside of our local area. Children from Oaklands Estate Kindergarten attend a number of public and private schools, with children going to up to 18 different schools each year.